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DUNDLOD VIDYAPEETH, DUNDLOD is the school established by Dundlod Charitable Trust, Mumbai and has been developed on DONATIONS received from time to time from the DONORS who have contributed unexpected amount of funds to develop this school. This has encouraged our determination to grow, expand and develop this Temple of Goddess Saraswati to its unlimited boundaries and height of the knowledge as high as sky.

DVP (Formerly Adarsh Balvidya Mandir)was established in 1996 with 22 buds only from LKG, UKG and 1st Std. The school has grown up to 10+2 by uplifting one class each year and is still in the process of developing in various streams of Education to serve the nation. The concept of establishing this school in a small village like Dundlod was a GURUKUL ASHRAM of the ancient days with the modern outlook. We are glad that the school is now falling in line with the same ideas. We must feel encouraged but must not allow any room for a point of complacence. We must be determined to struggle for growth, expansion and development on National lines.

About School or History


It was a co-incidence that in the year 1980 myself happened to be in DUNDLOD village and came to know that there was only one Govt. Primary School . I went to visit the said primary school with a renowned teacher of R.C. Goenka school and found only one teacher sitting on his chair with his feet in shoes lying up on the corner of the table, smoking BIDI ( Indian cigarette ) and few children playing on the floor of the class. We both were astonished and the respected teacher remarked none is answerable in Govt. schools. DUNDLOD village is a unique place in the District of Jhunjhunu in Rajasthan. It is situated on Jaipur –Loharu railway line. DUNDLOD is the main railway station between Nawalgarh and Jhunjhunu. There is no literary or historical evidence available as to who, when and how gave the name of DUNDLOD to the village. Many persons have tried to give the meaning to the word DUNDLOD, but it all remains a simple conjecture. The foreign tourists, who have visited DUNDLOD, have said that DUNDLOD sounds very much Scottish. Whoever gave the name and whatever it may mean, there is one thing definite that DUNDLOD has played an important role in the historical, cultural and economical life not only of Shekhawati or Rajasthan, but of India and the world. DUNDLOD came into prominence when the five sons of Shardul Singh, who died in V.S. 1799/ A.D.1742, devided the property equally among themselves and Dundlod came to the share of Kesari Singh, the youngest son who built a small fort, having a mote (N A H A R), four towers (B U R J) with some residential quarters and stables for the solders and horses in the year 1750 A.D.

D U N D L O D became famous as a centre of education due to the efforts made vigorously by the family of G O E N K A S to create awareness FOR EDUCATION. From the early days of nineteenth century the establishment of Shree Ramchandra Hariram Goenka Ved-Vedang Sanskrit Vidyalaya and Shree R. C. Goenka School was a part of the chain to struggle against the monstrousness of illiteracy , inspired by the great ideals of RISHIES AND BRAHMA – RISHIES of the ancient era . Iswarchandra Vidyasagar , Ravindranath Tagore and Pt. Madan Mohanji Malviya have also made constant efforts to vanish the darkness prevailing due to the illiteracy in the society. Sir Ashutosh Mukerji had a dream for the educational institutions like grocers shops in the country. This struggle is the constant process and this constant process will remain in the society till it’s existence.

Inspired by such ideals of great renowned educationists, some of my associate residents of DUNDLOD in Mumbai while came to know about the one and only one Govt. Primary School, decided to establish a Vidyalaya in DUNDLOD, to start with a primary English medium school, without any PROFIT motive of any individual, family, cast or group of persons and to be conducted like G U R U K U L of the ancient days with the modern concept for quality education.

With this missionary spirit The Gram Panchayat of DUNDLOD was approached, who initially allotted a piece of land admeasuring about 26125 sq.ft. in 1983 for a primary School and the foundation was laid down on 23 November 1985 by Col. Raghuvir Singh of DUNDLOD. Since the residents of DUNDLOD in Mumbai who decided to establish the school, were from lower middle class and middle class families , contributed among themselves and decided to collect funds However , the school was named ADARSH BALVIDYA MANDIR and started in July 1996 with 22 buds from classes LKG, UKG and FIRST std. followed by another allotment of an adjoining piece of land admeasuring about 26,348 sq. ft for further development.

The Management decided to promote one class each year and by the year 2000, the parents approached the management with a problem that since there was no English medium school within the radius of 25 kilometers, where they will seek admissions after 5th Std., Moreover, some of the schools at a distance of 35 – 40 kilometers, were not within the reach of almost all the parents. Therefore , the management agreed to extend the school upto secondary and senior secondary and this school ADARSH BALVIDYA MANDIR was renamed as DUNDLOD VIDYAPEETH with the determination to promote the same upto Senior Secondary for quality education and all round development of the students.

Mahamana Pt. Madanmohan Malviya, founder of BANARAS HINDU UNIVERSITY was an Ideal for the management of this institution and we decided to approach the generous donors for this noble cause and create more contacts.

With this determination the efforts were made and to promote DUNDLOD VIDYAPEETH, DUNDLOD, the generous D O N O R S came forward and this institution received overwhelming support . The school has now grown up to 10 + 2 by uplifting one class each year as a residential School with co-education and is still in the process of developing in various streams of education to serve the nation. The concept of establishing this school in a small village like D U N D L O D of PANCHAYAT Level was a G U R U K U L A S H R A M of the ancient days with the modern outlook to provide meaningful and value based QUALITY EDUCATION , to develop the intellectual capacity of the pupils, to nurture moral and ethical virtues like honesty, integrity, compassion, trust and universal brotherhood etc.,

We are glad that the school is falling in line with the same ideas. We feel encouraged but do not allow any room for a point of complacency. We are determined to struggle for growth, expansion and development of this educational institution . Our dreams are that it should be second to none not only in the state of Rajasthan but in the country. This would be possible if we are able to conquer the confidence of the DONORS from all walks of life by our deeds, results and systems to conduct with NO PROFIT motives and render services to promote knowledge of the students with ethics and moral.

There are ample D O N O R S in our country who are ready to contribute in one way or the other. The error lies with us that we do not reach to them in time with the right perspective. Now we have a team of trained teachers and conduct the school with NO PROFIT motive on CBSE, Delhi system compulsorily.


Ramakant Sharma

Chairman Executive, Dundlod Vidyapeeth

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