Chairman Message

Justice V. S. Dave Chairman, Dundlod Vidyapeeth

Right to education act is yet another experiment in the field of education during past sixty years. Hopefully this serves as a bridge to gulf between two great classes of the society. It must be implemented in letter and sprit and then it is bound to have meaningful and effective interaction and interrelation among the upcoming generation to secure a better society tomorrow. Education means total and integral development of the students, which can only be achieved when it is based on Social, Cultural, Physical, Intellectual, Aesthetic Moral, Spiritual and Religious Dimensions.
The pupils have also to be taught self-control, habit of holding passion, prejudices and evil tendencies subject to upright and reasoning will. This will help them in abolishing miseries from the lives of have-nots and crime from society. I respectful subscribe to what Daniel Webster said:-
"Knowledge does not comprise all, which is contained in the large term of education, The feelings are to be disciplined; passions are to be restrained, true and worthy motives are to be inspired; a profound religious feeling is to be instilled and pure morality inculcated under all circumstances, All this is comprised in education"
Students should be motivated to blend Knowledge with Ethics and Values so as to become wisdom personified. Such students will certainly take institution to new heights to make it Center of Excellence.
Let us dedicate ourselves to the cause of Real Education.

Principal Message

S C Karnatak Principal

That India is still a land of villages cannot be denied. Even after home government and political Independence more than half a century old, then nation still lives in villages. Nonetheless, the present scenario on the urban horizon is equally bright and glittering. Mr. Nehru, the first premier of free India, a great visionary and statesman in his own right, could visualize and set goals and targets, in tune with the need of necessity of the hour and no doubt the country stands second to none among the developing countries today.
Keeping full sight of these two mainstreams, the rural and the urban, Dundlod Vidyapeeth has spiritedly taken the challenge to interlace and mingle this duality of cultures into a harmonious amalgam a magnificent blend of the two sides of the same coin. The school believes that the youth of the nation are the trustees of its prosperity. To mould their character is a sacred task that an educational institution voluntarily undertakes.
It is our earnest endeavour to impart to children under our care value- based education. Our mission is not only to make successful engineers, doctors, professionals, businessmen , etc but also to shape up good human beings of great values to espouse and spread the threefold cherished aspects of Dharma- Satyam, Shivam and Sundaram.
Today the philosophy has changed. Instead of giving too much concentration only on curricular activities, we teachers have to discover where the strength of our child lies and treat each one differently and accordingly. The core values lie in bringing out the best in every child, which is the aim of DVP.
We at Dundlod Vidyapeeth (DVP) , wish to liberate our students from the bondage of ignorance and emancipate them from the tyranny of small self and make them Altruistic Tree selfless and self reliant.
As the head of this institution I promise a bright and satisfying life- academic, cultural and social to every child put under my care. I, more than confident will serve a launching pad for a magnificent career beyond the school.


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  •   No words in the dictionary of human language are enough to express the feeling of joy and gratitude. I experienced which inaugurating the sports complex which is bound to be unique in whole of Shekhawati. I felt honoured in presence of Swami Vishveswaranand Giriji & Smt. Padma Kanoria who has gracefully gifted this complex to Vidyapeeth. I wish all the best.
  •   The school is doing an outstanding service to the society. The activities of the school are focused towards the all round development of the students of the school. I congratulate the school management, Principal, all the teachers and staff for its excellent performance within its limited means. I wish a great success to the school in its all endeavours.
  •   It is my great pleasure that the school is giving both the education to students. I wish all success in future of school.
  •   A very good institution. Every effort is made for all round development of the students. I wish for future success.
  •   Today I visit school and I see the cultural program. I am so much influenced to see dedication of the staff member & specially Ramakant Sharmaji and Principal S. C. Karnatak devotion to the school.
  •   I have great pleasure to visit Dundlod Vidyapeeth on the occasion of career counselling program for commerce student of Shekhawati Region. All the activities are very much appreciable. With all the best for the organisation.
  •   It gives me immense pleasure to start NCC in this excellent institution who are dedicated towards true education and to Nation. I wish them very best for future. The Chairman, Principal and other staff are truly dedicated towards building of Nation.
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