Dundlod Vidyapeeth, Dundlod is an English medium Co-educational Residential cum Day boarding school affiliated to Central Board of secondary Education Delhi. The school founded by Dundlod Charitable Trust, Mumbai is managed by the Managing committee of the registered body Dundlod Vidyapeeth, having it's registered office at Dundlod under the noble guidance of renowned educationists. The school lays emphasis on spiritual and moral education with secular base. The school devotes itself with missionary zeal to the realization of these noble and great ideas. It would be appreciated to call it a MODERN GURUKUL.

At present we have the students even from far off states . The acceptability of our school can be measured from the fact that day scholars come from the covering a distance of nearby 80 kms to and to & fro every day from the neighbouring villages studying with the boarders who have come from Nepal West Bengal, Delhi, Bombay Haryana.


Dundlod Vidyapeeth is dedicated to inspiring a passion for learning and developing the attitudes, skills and knowledge that will enable all students to maximize their potential as positive , responsible participants in our democratic society and the global community.

The school system provides all students with a safe and nurturing environment, and with a core curriculum that is rich and rigorous and which respects diversity in students" learning styles. We have one guiding principle: Excellent instruction in Every Classroom. We strive for our students to be proficient in all curricular areas.


Public education is the key to enabling students to become leaders and socially responsible citizens. Student learning is the central focus of our collective efforts. Relational trust is essential to developing strong, vibrant and diverse communities of learners. Safe and caring schools provide a sense of belonging that is conducive to learning. Learning is an active, developmental and social process that is continuous, lifelong and unique to the individual. Curriculum should be relevant, engaging and provide alternate pathways to student success. Assessment should be comprehensive, multi-faceted and inform instruction. Developing parent and community Partnerships is integral to student learning. The student, the family, the school staff and the community create the educational partnership and share responsibility for learning success. Success is contagious and should to be regularly celebrated.


The uniqueness of each child entrusted to our care. Relationships with students, parents, colleagues and the community based on trust, mutual interest and mutual respect. A diverse and inclusive community that supports the development of the whole child. An environment that supports healthy risk taking by students and staff. Opportunities for dialogue that enable transparent, collaborative decision making and problem solving. The dedication and professionalism of our employees. The involvement of parents in supporting learning. The contribution of our students and staff to the greater community.


Dundlod Vidyapeeth is an adaptive, forward-thinking public school dedicated to inspiring a passion for learning within all of our students. Our highly skilled employees are motivated by a deep and unwavering commitment to improving the life chances of every child. The achievement of our core purpose is driven by the desire to develop and maintain ethically-based, inclusive and collaborative processes for decision making and program implementation.

To achieve its aims the institution imaginatively blends in its curriculum the knowledge of rich heritage of its glorious past with a secular outlook. Through our curriculum we therefore seek:


Initiates own learning. Reads critically. Has a foundation in core academic areas. Knows of and appreciates the arts and humanities. Uses effective learning techniques to acquire and apply knowledge. Applies numerical reasoning strategies to problems. Understands world issues and current events. Takes intellectual risks in learning. Exhibits enthusiasm for learning in life.


Defines problems, hypothesizes, and becomes actively involved in creative problem solving. Organizes and processes information productively. Generates new ideas. Analyzes and adapts to changing environments. Makes decisions based on facts.


Exchanges ideas and information clearly in writing, verbally and visually. Listens reflectively.


Selects appropriate tools and procedures to accomplish tasks and create products. Uses technology to access, analyze, organize, and process information. Consistently applies technical reasoning skills.


Develops and maintains positive relationships with others. Works successfully in teams. Leads by communicating ideas and motivating others. Works collaboratively with persons of different beliefs, interests and backgrounds to build consensus. Knows and appreciates cultural and linguistic diversity plans and acts as a system thinker.


Demonstrate initiative and perseverance. Identifies personal goals. Accepts responsibility for his/her own actions. Maintains wellness and balance in life. Recognizes and responds to societal needs, values and participates in the democratic process. Has an interest in issues of social justice and equity.


The school prepares the students for the secondary and senor secondary examination of CBSE according to 10+2 scheme. Admissions are open to students form classes both in school and hostel. At secondary level the school offers English, Hindi, Science, Social Science and Mathematics. Computer education is taught form class II and Sanskrit form Class VI. Art, Music and physical education form an integral part of the school curriculum and children are trained in these subjects form LKG class itself
A group of committed, experienced and qualified staff work hard to make the students academically sound through an intense study of all subjects. Daily prep classes are conducted under the supervision of the teachers. We have an ideal teacher pupil ration of 1:20 which makes it possible to give individualized attention to the pupils. Our school has maintaining a high academic record.

The school has well stocked laboratories and students are encouraged to try out experiments independently. The school regularly holds weeklong science exhibitions, debates and science quizzes.

The school library has a collection of good books, magazines and news papers to suit the taste and interest of every student. Regular additions are made to keep up with recent publications. Students are encouraged to use the library frequently and open self system is followed. Students and staff can always be found there happily browsing over books and magazines.


A wide range of co-curricular activities are a must for the child to develop character and personality. It helps to enrich the intellect and the creative capacities of pupils and to develop valuable leadership qualities and self confidence.

The entire school is divided into four houses namely Ramkrishana, Ramtirth, Vivkeanand and Meera house and all activates and conducted on inter house basis.

Dramatics, debates, Quizzes in science, Mathematics, General Knowledge, dancing and sports are important parts of the school curricular activities, which follow the House system.

Paper cutting, Clay modeling, painting, drawing, Boutique work and similar handicraft are taught to students.

No education is complete without a proper emphasis on the physical growth of the pupils. Hence we give due consideration to games and sports. The school has badminton court, volleyball court, Basketball ground and a big playground where students get ample opportunities to increase their powers in sports under the able guidance of qualified coaches.

Educational excursions to places of historical, Scientific and tourist interest are regular features of the school calendar.


We conduct a medical check- up of each and every student twice a year by a medical officer. The pollution free atmospheres of the school away from city's undesirable habits keep the children healthy and strong.


Our school has spacious modern hostel for boys. Every effort is made to make the hostel a home away from home. The students staying in our hostel are looked after by the Housemasters and House mistress. They have to follow a very strict but purposeful routine form early morning PT to evening prayer and supervised preps (study). Every care is taken to provide healthy environment and recreation to the children.

There is a common mess for juniors as well as seniors. All the students are supposed to take their meals at a time. There is Mess Managers to see to the smooth functioning and cleanliness of the mess. Special care is taken to see the food served to the students is well cooked and caters balanced diet. The diet is strictly vegetarian. Special diet is provided to students who are sick, on medical advice.


This Institution allow 50% concession in Tuition Fee to all the girl students in all the classes respective of any cast and creed.
Under Right to Education Act 2009 and Rules made there under by the Govt. of Rajasthan, we admitted 22 students in LKG for free education during this session 2015-16.
The Institution has altogether 83 students (50 boys and 33 girls) inclusive of 22 students (7 girls and 15 boys) under R.T.E Act 2009, in other different classes from UKG to XII classes during the session 2015-16 who are allowed total 100% free education in their respective classes.
Beside 100% free education of 83 students as mentioned above, the management has allowed other FEE concessions form 25% to 50% and above and bus fee concession (To the Tuition fee, Bus fees), Hostel fee concession and other Fee concession to the tune of Rs. 944890/- during this session 2015-16


Children benefit greatly when parents/guardians take an active role in their child's education. It has been proven that when students have parental support at home, they enjoy their learning and school life even more. Students' attitude and perception of school improves as they develop more self –confidence in their road to becoming life-long learners and solid contributions to our community.

Parents who help their children succeed academically gain a sense of pride in their children as well as in themselves. Being an involved parent demonstrates to your child that you sincerely value their education.

Getting the school year off to a good beginning an Orientation Programme was convened for the parents, students, teachers and stakeholders keeping in view health discussions on the issues related to students for all round of development. This was excellent opportunity for the parents & students to visit the school to meet their teachers and administrative staff as to pick up valuable information to help get the school year off to a great start. In Orientation programme focus was on the following points:


Be a role model for learning:
Thee parent's job is to show him how school can extend the learning you began together at home, and how exciting and meaningful this learning can be. As preschoolers grow into school age kids, parents become their children's learning coaches. Through guidance and remainders, parents help their kids organize their time and support their desires to learn new things in and out of school.


"One of the most important things a parents can do is notices her child. Is he a talker or is he shy? Find out what interests him and help him explore it. Let your child show you the way he likes to learn.


Many children use a combination of modalities to study and learn. Some learn visually through making and seeing pictures, others through tactile experiences. Parents may be able to pique his interest and explain tough topics by drawing pictures together, creating charts, building models, singing songs and even making up rhymes.


Many teachers encourage parents to go over what their young children are learning in a non- pressured way and to practices what they may need extra help with,. This doesn't mean drilling them for success, but it may mean going over basic counting skills, multiplication tables or letter recognition, depending on the needs and learning level of your child.


Read aloud regularly, even to older kids, if your child is a reluctant reader, reading aloud will expose her to the structure and vocabulary of good literature and get her interested in reading more.


Make learning part of your child's everyday experience, especially when it comes out of your child's natural questions. When you cook together, do measuring math,. When you drive in the car, count license plates and talk about the states. When you turn on the blender, explore how it works together. When you child studies the weather, talk about why it was so hot at the beach. Have give and take conversation, listening to your child's ideas instead of pouring information into their heads.


Find age appropriate ways to help your older child connect his school learning to world events. Start by asking questions. You might ask a younger child if he's heard about anything the news, and find out what he known. This will help your child becomes caring learner.


Parent wants to keep children in charge of their learning and become responsible for it. We want them to be responsible for their successes and failures, show them how engaging learning is, and that the motivation for learning should be the child's intrinsic interests, not an external reward."


While you may want to supplement school with outside activities, be judicious about how much you let or urge your child to do.

Keep TV to minimum. "Watching lots of TV does not given children the chance to develop their own interests and explore on their own, because it controls the agenda, "However, unstructured time with books, toys , crafts and friends allows children to learn how to be in charge of their agenda, and to develop their own interests, skills, solutions and expertise."

Learning something new yourself. Leaning something new yourself is a great way to model the learning process for your child. Take up a new language or craft, or read about an unfamiliar topic. Show your child what you are learning and how you may be struggling. You'll gain a better understanding of what your child is going through and your child may learn study skills by watching you study. You might even establish a joint study time.


Teachers play vital roles in the lives of the students in their classroom. Teachers are best known for the role of educating the students that are place in their care. Beyond that, teachers serve many other roles in the classroom. Teachers set the tone of their classrooms, build a warm environment, mentor and nurture students, become role models, and listen and look for signs of trouble.


Understand them , to be just, courteous, to promote a spirit of enquiry, fellowship and joy in them, not to do or say anything that would undermine their personality, not to exploit them for personal interest and to set before them a high standard of character, discipline and personality. Teacher is a controller, Prompter , Resource person, the Assessor, the Organizer, the participant and a tutor.


An example in citizenship, to endeavour to promote the public good, to uphold the dignity of our calling on all occasion, to size up the demands and aspirations of the society, to be dynamic leaders when required and to be ideal followers when desired.


To be sincere and honest to our work and to go thoroughly prepared to the class, to endeavour to maintain our efficiency by study and other means; not to do or say anything which may lower our prestige in the eyes of our students; not to write or encourage the use of help books; not to exert any pressure upon our students or their parents to engage private tuition, not to act an agent or accept commission and other compensation for recommending books.


It was suggested that remedial classes for weak students should be arranged after school off.

Individual attention should be given to the student . Every student should take part in co-curricular activities games and sports.

Foundation classes for Engineering and Medical should be arranged after school off.

Handwriting competition should be conducted in a fortnight.

Inculcate reading habits among students

To be conducted Summer classes for students

To develop listening and speaking skills among the students


A new initiative has been taken up by the Management of Dundlod Vidyapeeth – we are practicing a new schedule for Saturday School. The Saturday timetable is planned in such a way that academics will be till half day & the rest of the half day we will conduct specialized classes and training . The teachers will undergo in house training sessions and workshops during this time. This special arrangement has been planned to en sure that our students get individual specialized training & at the same time the teachers are also being groomed continually.

Regular foundation classes for JEE/AIPMT will be arranged from the session 2016 onward after school off.

For promoting girls students maximum publicity will be made. However the school is providing 50% concession on tuition fees to promote education among girl students.

For professional growth of teachers, Workshop, seminar & in service training will be organized in the school campus & send the teachers to other public schools under teacher- exchange programme.

English language lab to be installed.

Regular Compaign , Awareness really and activities under the slogan Swachh Bharat Mission to be organized to fulfill Mahatma Gandhi"s dream of a clean and hygienic India.

To develop the listening and speaking skill among the students , regular ASL activities will be conducted keeping in view participation of each and every students.

To organize CBSE/ District Level and Inter School Volleyball and Basketball tournament for boys and girls. However, our students are taking part in CBSE/District/State/National and Inter School co-curricular activities, Debates, Game and sports & getting positions and Cash wards .

The school has formed Heritage Club. Our students participating regularly in young INTACH activities organized by Heritage Education & Communication Service (HECS) New Delhi. Our Students bagged many award for the Young INTACH Newsletters and awarded Merit Certificate. Participation of more students will be considered.

To make students conscious of our responsibilities towards the weaker sections at our society. At present A group of students is imparting vital role in collaboration with Indian Development Foundation.

The school is a member of Shekhawati Sahodaya Schools complex Jhunjhunu & taking part in students activities and workshop/seminar, Orientation etc. regularly . The school also conducting Shri R S Jhunjhunwala Memorial All India English Debate

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